BigBattery 48V White Rhino Power Block Review – Is it Really a Viable Alternative to the Tesla Powerwall 2?


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Whether you are building a large-scale residential solar power system, or you just want access to reliable backup power during emergency situations and blackouts, the battery you choose will end up being the most important piece of equipment in your power storage system.

Unfortunately, large-scale backup batteries also tend to be the most expensive component in any power storage system. This is why it pays to do your research, as it will help you determine whether or not the battery you are purchasing is a worthwhile investment.

How Can We Help?

To help you find the perfect battery for your grid-tied or off-grid power storage system, we are going to review one of the most exciting pieces of power storage equipment on the market today – the BigBattery 48V White Rhino 14kWh Power Block Battery.

Not only will we review this exciting product and dive into its specifications, we will see how it stacks up to the increasingly popular Tesla Powerwall 2. From there, we will also take a closer look at the BigBattery brand, so you can understand why their products are creating so much excitement within the solar world.

The BigBattery White Rhino can be classed as a high-capacity power block battery. It can be mounted directly on a wall, or, for easier installation, it can simply sit upright on a BigBattery floor rack.

What really sets the White Rhino apart from its competitors is the fact that it is currently the world’s thinnest and most durable power block battery! This means it is far more discreet than other power blocks, but still offers some truly outstanding specifications.

At just 4.4 inches thick, it is incredible that this battery is capable of storing the amount of power it was designed for!

Power Storage Capabilities and Life Cycle Rating:

Storage capacity is always the first things we look at when we assess any new power storage device, and we have to admit, we were instantly impressed by what the the White Rhino had to offer. The fact that such an affordable and thin power block battery has a storage capacity of 14,000Wh, or 14kWh, is truly incredible.

The White Rhino is able to strike that perfect balance between physical size and storage capacity because it utilizes the most advanced lithium batteries on the market. Not only can the super-thin LiFePO4 battery cells store a tremendous amount of power relative to their small size, they are also incredibly stable.

This explains why they offer a much higher life cycle rating than a traditional rechargeable battery. The life cycle rating refers to estimated number of times a battery can be fully charged and fully discharged before it will begin to show noticeable signs of degradation.

As batteries are used, they naturally lose some of their storage capabilities; however, the lithium-ion cells used in the White Rhino are so stable and efficient, that the entire power bank has a life cycle rating of 5,000 cycles! In other words, you could run the White Rhino through at least 5,000 full charge and discharge cycles before it would lose any of its original storage capabilities.

Safety Features:

While the robust storage capacity and impressive life cycle rating tend to be the first features most people notice when assessing the BigBattery White Rhino, it is also worth noting how effective and reliable the built-in Battery Management System is.

The ultra-safe LiFePO4 battery cells are paired with BigBattery’s unique Quad-Redundancy Safety Platform. This comprehensive safety system protects the White Rhino from over and under voltage issues. It also has built-in over-current protection, so you will not have to worry about permanent damage if your power system’s charge controller fails.

The White Rhino also has a fully integrated Thermal Management System and a built-in 300A breaker. The fact that it also boasts the widest temperature operating range (-4 F to 149 F) means that you will not have to worry about your White Rhino overheating or shutting down due to cold temperatures, especially if it is installed indoors.


Another thing we really like about the BigBattery White Rhino is the fact that it is incredibly easy to install. This is partially down to its manageable dimensions and reasonable weight. At just 4 inches thick and only 290 lbs, the White Rhino is far easier to install than some of its bulkier competitors.

It also comes pre-installed with Anderson connections, which means you can quickly and easily connect it to any power inverter or charge controller. It even comes with a SB175 Anderson to ring terminal cable! In other words, you do not have to be a trained electrician to incorporate the White Rhino into your new or existing power storage system.

BigBattery White Rhino Power Block Features & Specifications

Battery Chemistry


Battery Configuration 

16S 2P



Ah Capacity


Storage Capacity

14kWh / 14,000Wh

Total Weight

290 lbs

Length – 43.3” Width – 4.4“ Height – 26.7”


10-year BigBattery manufacturer’s warranty

Our Overall Impression of the BigBattery White Rhino

We have to admit, we have been thoroughly impressed with all of the high-capacity power banks offered by BigBattery. The fact they are all designed and made in the United States is a major draw, as is their impressive 10-year warranty.

As we were reviewing the White Rhino, we found ourselves struggling to come up with any genuine criticisms. For starters, the fact it is so thin really blew us away. In most cases, a battery block with a storage capacity anywhere near 14kWh would be far heavier and significantly bulkier. We also liked that it features an easy-to-read LED interface along the side of the unit, which allows you to quickly monitor the battery’s health and charge status.

The life cycle rating is also a major plus, as it far exceeds what we have come to expect from a high-capacity power bank. With a life cycle rating of 5,000, it is safe to say that you could use the White Rhino for many years before its storage capacity would show any noticeable signs of decline.

The built-in battery management system also seems to have covered most of the potential weaknesses we usually find with high-capacity lithium-ion batteries. Overall, we have been thoroughly impressed by the BigBattery White Rhino and we would certainly feel comfortable recommending it to our readers!

What Could You Use the BigBattery White Rhino For?

If you are wondering why someone would purchase a White Rhino, the following are just some of the potential uses you could have for this highly capable power block:

  • Power storage for off-grid solar power systems
  • Battery bank for grid-tied solar power systems
  • Backup power for natural disasters and other emergencies
  • Mobile power for RVs, camper vans, & food trucks
  • Backup power for blackouts and grid failures
  • Storing electricity during off-peak hours when the rate is cheaper, so it can be used during the more expensive peak hours

The White Rhino is an extremely versatile battery, so you should not encounter any issues if you plan on incorporating it into a new or existing power storage system.

How Does the BigBattery White Rhino Compare to the Tesla Powerwall 2?

BigBattery’s main goal when they designed the White Rhino was to match and surpass the Tesla Powerwall 2 in every single category.

When you consider the fact that the Tesla Powerwall 2 has a lower storage capacity rating (13.5kWh vs 14kWh) and it is over an inch thicker, it is difficult to argue with the fact that BigBattery achieved their initial aim. The White Rhino can also operate safely in warmer temperatures than the Tesla Powerwall 2, so it might be a better option for those that live in hot climates.

The real kicker is the fact that the BigBattery White Rhino is significantly cheaper than the Tesla Powerwall 2. While affordability was certainly part of BigBattery’s aim when they designed the White Rhino, we can’t help but think Tesla products are more expensive than they need to be as a result of brand recognition and their current status as a trend-setter.

When you boil the two battery banks down to their basic specs and take their relative price tags into consideration, it is difficult to argue with the fact that the White Rhino offers consumers greater value. Overall, the BigBattery White Rhino is an outstanding power block that could be the perfect option for your grid-tied or off-grid power storage system!

Who Are BigBattery?

While they started off as a fairly small-scale battery manufacturer, BigBattery has now grown into one of the largest suppliers of off-grid, renewable energy batteries in the United States.

The brand’s founder, Eric Lundgren, has committed his life to environmental and sustainability causes. While remaining an adamant supporter of the green energy revolution, Lundgren found that expensive and unreliable batteries were holding the renewable energy movement back. As a response, he founded BigBattery, which had the simple aim of reducing the cost of power storage.

BigBattery’s speciality is modular batteries that offer outstanding life-cycle longevity, the latest and most efficient technology, and cutting-edge safety features. All of their batteries are backed by an outstanding 10-year warranty, so they are made to last the test of time.

While they offer deep cycle batteries that are specifically designed for golf carts, vans, RVs, and various industrial applications, it is their off-grid solar batteries that are the company’s best-selling products and their clear specialization.

BigBattery reduces waste and keeps costs low by buying up surplus, unused lithium cells from larger brands, like Tesla. By purchasing surplus lithium cells from other brands and then using these high-quality cells to manufacture their own deep cycle batteries, BigBattery is able to keep manufacturing costs low. Reduced material costs allow them to stay competitive while still assembling their battery modules domestically in California. These material costs are also passed down to their customers!

They are a really exciting company and it is not surprising that the BigBattery White Rhino is such an impressive product!

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