Carlos is a trained solar engineer deeply involved in the solar industry with a background in the design of photovoltaic systems for the residential and commercial sector. He is a promoter of sustainable technologies and solutions with a passion for renewable energy.

solar motion security lights new featured image

10 Best Solar Powered Motion Security Lights of 2019

10 Best Solar Powered Motion Security Lights of 2019 (Review) Are you concerned about safety in the surrounding outdoor areas of your house? If so, installing solar powered motion security lights for your home can definitely help you! Sensor solar lights are cost-effective, durable, and independent from any connection to the grid. In the event …

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solar power banks featured image

7 Best Solar Power Banks of 2019

7 Best Solar Power Banks of 2019 (Review) Are you looking for power backup when your laptop, smartphone, or tablet runs out of energy? If you are constantly on the move or regularly perform activities such as camping, hiking, trekking, and more, then you need a portable source of energy. The best choice for that …

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rv solar panel kits featured image

7 Best RV Solar Panel Kits of 2019

7 Best RV Solar Panels & Kits of 2019 (Review) Some of the greatest experiences you will ever have will be crossing the country in your RV, exploring the U.S. with your family on a well-deserved vacation. While you go on a trip you might find yourself at multiple destinations inside mountains, lakes, or beaches where no shore power will …

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solar panels in the middle of the hot desert

Can Solar Panels Overheat?

Can Solar Panels Overheat? Solar panels can overheat. It is a common assumption to relate hot climates with excellent conditions for solar panels, however, the truth is that high ambient temperature conditions are not good for solar panels. This is one of the major causes of a drop-in performance and can reduce energy yields if …

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two engineers checking solar panels

How are Solar Panels Rated?

How Are Solar Panels Rated? The solar industry rates solar panels based off of factors such as wattage, efficiency, temperature coefficient, tolerance. Rates are also based off of more financial parameters like the tiering system, which is useful to measure and compare solar panels. New solar panel models come out every year and add themselves …

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multiple solar panels oduring the night time

Can Solar Panels Work at Night?

Can Solar Panels Work at Night? Solar panels won’t work at night because they depend on sunlight to generate electricity. Maybe you have heard a friend or neighbor saying that he uses solar energy to power his house at night. That probably raises the question in your mind. Some people get confused with the simple …

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health and safety inspectors looking at solar panels

Are Solar Panels Dangerous?

Are Solar Panels Dangerous? Solar panels are not dangerous if you know how to handle them safely and how they work. The truth is that they are not any more dangerous than the main panelboard that you have installed in your property. Getting familiarized with something that we do not completely understand may be scary …

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Rain pouring down on to a set of solar panels

Are Solar Panels Waterproof?

Are Solar Panels Waterproof? All solar panels are manufactured to be waterproof, and the junction boxes behind them also have an IP rating protection. Therefore, if it rains, storms, or even hails, you do not need to be worried about your panels getting damaged. The key to the waterproof design is related to the composition …

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group of men installing solar panels to a roof

Can Solar Panels Damage My Roof?

Can Solar Panels Damage My Roof? Solar panels will not damage your roof if the installation is performed properly by a certified NABCEP solar installer. However, improvised installations where the proper materials, technics, and calculations are not carefully considered could mean damage to the roof of any household – eventually leading to leakages or even …

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businessman looking over the climate change

2019 Climate Change Report – How Solar Energy can Help

2019 Climate Change Report – How Solar Energy Can Help Combat Global Warming Solar panels are one of the best resources that we have available to fight climate change. They are not contaminating, their energy resource is renewable and inexhaustible, they can be recycled, and every kWh of energy coming from solar panels is a …

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man holding a recycling logo in front of solar panels

Can Solar Panels be Recycled?

Can Solar Panels Be Recycled? Yes, solar panels can be recycled into raw materials such as aluminum, polymers, or plastic and glass. But how much of these materials can be obtained and what is the recycling process like? We will address these questions and more in this short article about solar panel recycling. Solar panels …

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person cleaning solar panels

When to Clean Solar Panels

When to Clean Solar Panels Solar panels should be cleaned during early mornings or late afternoon at least once during spring, autumn, and summer seasons unless unusual events occur. However, during the winter season, solar panels should be cleaned at least once every month due to the difference in the weather during this period. Despite …

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men installing solar panels on a roof

Where to Install Solar Panels?

Where to Install Solar Panels Solar panels will be installed either on the roof or in the ground. When selecting the location to install solar panels, several things must be taken into account. We will address some technical considerations and details that you should pay attention to before choosing where to install your solar panels. …

Where to Install Solar Panels? Read More »

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